The Defensive Driving course is about a driver’s attitude. If you’re a beginner, you haven’t yet formed your own attitude, as your driving will have been under supervision.

The course is better suited to those who have already attained their restricted licence. These drivers are now driving alone and having to cope with all the hazards on the road.

The natural impatience of young drivers is their worst enemy. Speed, dangerous over-taking, bad decisions at intersections all stem from lack of experience and poor judgment.

The Defensive Driving course sets out to change these negative attitudes, by pointing out specifically what they are doing wrong, and teaching them a more tolerant approach to driving.

Encouraging learner drivers to sign on to a defensive driving course is a money making exercise, free driving lessons have to be paid for some how, but is doing that novice driver no favours as the information in the course has little relevant to their level of ability.

We at The Driving School recommend young drivers do the Defensive Driving Course after they have received their restricted drivers licence as the information taught on the course to a more experienced driver is so much more beneficial. Basically there is no real benefit of completing the course until after someone has earnt their restricted drivers license.

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