In 2013 the New Zealand Government changed the driving tests. The new tests have been adapted from the state of Victoria, Australia.

A decision was made to improve the standard of driving in New Zealand. There is no way to improve the drivers of the time but a line was drawn in the sand and anyone from 2013 would learn to drive correctly.

This updated restricted test has now brought New Zealand up to standard with the rest of the Western World.

The emphasis of the test is the ability to cross traffic and change lanes. These manoeuvres must be done safely in both a 50kmph and 100kmph zones.

I am often asked to pick up students from their home and do a lesson around their local area.  Lessons can be done locally but only very basic lessons for very novice students, as the local town will not have road layout or traffic volume required to teach all that is required for the test. The other factor the stops home pick-ups is the Auckland traffic, as I am unable to get to the next lesson on time.

This can cause inconvenience to both parents and students but is unavoidable, as the practice for the test must be done at the designated testing stations.

A lack of lessons and a lack of practice will result in failing the test. A student can need at least ten lessons just to learn what is needed to pass the test then the same again as practice lessons.

Practice can be done with their parents. Any driving is good driving as experience in traffic and ideally around the test area.

A student shouldn’t go for their test unless they are quietly confident  they will pass. Yes there will be nerves, but if the student is not confident at intersections and roundabouts practice some more.

We have a saying in The Driving School.  “Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.”