I was thinking the other day, how much of a connection The Driving School has with the North Shore in Auckland, Even though I no longer live there.

Mellisa Clark has now taken on the North Shore as her territory with The Driving School so we can offer some well priced driving lessons to all the North Shore residents and from February 2016 The Driving School will also be running Defensive Driving courses in the Glenfield area, again at competitive prices.

The Driving School has an interest free finance package that we offer so clients can spread the cost of their lessons. The company we use for this is Debit Success who are also located on the North Shore. They started in Birkenhead but expanded so much they had to move premises To Northcote, North Shore.

When I first moved to New Zealand from the U.K. twenty five years ago I was five months pregnant.  My husband [a southern Kiwi man] and I rented a flat just five minutes drive away from the North Shore Hospital, whilst we put a house on the block of land we had bought. We lived on the North Shore for six months. My son was born on the ninth floor of the North Shore hospital later as was my other son two years after that, we just had a longer car ride in from Helensville

Mellisa looks forward to meeting lots of you who are North Shore residents in the near future. Feel free to call her, if you want any information about our North Shore Driving School.