There are two things to look for when choosing a driving instructor: an ‘I’ endorsement on their license and insurance.

When choosing a driving instructor, ask to see his or her license to ensure there is an ‘i’ endorsement on it. If not, find someone else. An I endorsement indicates the instructor has undergone the training necessary to teach to a ‘test’ standard and is legally allowed to charge you for lessons.

Our instructors; Sylvia Wilson and Melissa Clarke are both fully qualified.

Cheaper driving schools, sometimes don’t carry full public liability insurance; this could mean you may be liable for any damage done to someone else’s car or the instructor’s car, if you have an accident. Cheap is not always the best!

The Driving School is fully insured in the company vehicles so you have no worries. As long as The Driving School instructor is in the vehicle as your supervisor you are fully covered for any accidents.

These are the basics for choosing a good driving instructor. other factors really come down to your personal preferences.