I often get asked to do an assessment on people to see it they are ready to sit their Restricted Driving test. To do this fully I need to see the student in one of the test areas e.g. Westgate. The focus of the test is turning right across traffic and changing lanes.

The students usually meet with me at the test area and I take them on a practice test, pointing out things they are doing wrong or are not doing at all. This is not to say the assessment can’t be done elsewhere but what is needed are the road layouts and increased traffic flow to check their ability.

I am asked many times to pick the student up from Kaipara College and do the assessment in Helensville to which I explain the emphasis on the test and the road layout required. When this common sense approach is explained, most people are happy and book the lesson at Westgate.

Occasionally people don’t like what I’m telling them. I had such a person recently, the student couldn’t get to Westgate at the weekend because they worked. The parent wanted the assessed in Helensville after school. I started to explain about the test requirements, everything I said needed to be checked the parent told me they had already done with them, so I asked what exactly she wanted me to do? “Check what he needs to know for the test”. Yet again I explained I can’t do a full assessment in Helensville and then the truth came out. “It’s not convenient”.  Sometimes we as parents have to put ourselves out for our kids, especially living so far away from town. Surely something as monumental as getting a drivers licence is important enough in a kid’s life to make a bit of an effort.

I could have done what the parent wanted. Taken the money drove the student around Helensville and told them all was well. For not doing so I was referred to as condescending. I like to think I’m professional and honest.