Driving Defensively gives you a better chance of staying alive when other vehicle users do not drive well. I thought I would blog about some ways that we can drive to reduce risks of being injured or paying to have your car under go major repairs.

I would firstly say DO NOT DEPEND on other drivers to obey road rules or act with common sense. There are many reasons why other drivers make mistakes like illness, tiredness, confusion, impatience, simply lack of knowledge or just not thinking before acting.

PAY ATTENTION, when you are driving. Seriously you only have one job, that is to drive your car safely. You need to be aware of other traffic, road markings, lights, roundabouts, pedestrians and cyclists. Tasks non-related to driving can wait until you are no longer driving.

Ask yourself – what I am about to do IS IT SAFE? If other drivers ignore speed limits, road rules and traffic signs this is not an invitation for you to be a copy cat. Be strong and do what you are legally supposed to be doing, chances are you will find those people in accident later on in the day.

FOLLOW SPEED LIMITS, we have all heard, the faster you go the bigger the mess. The faster you go the harder it is to stop in an accident and the more damage to your car. Plus if your are caught speeding this incurs a huge fine, the police might be able to have a better Christmas party but what is for sure you will not.

Use the 2 AND 4 SECOND RULE. I see people tail-gaiting (driving to close) to others cars everyday. Ever wonder how people get in accidents? Not knowing about following distances is a major cause! Why? You have less time to stop by not leaving one that is why.

A big one, KEEP LEFT, by keeping left I mean do not drive on the right hand side of your lane. If your drive on the right hand side of you lane in a 80 km zone or 100 km zone you stand a good chance of being involved in a head on collision.

People cutting across lines are a major cause of accidents.

DRIVE TO THE CONDITIONS, be more careful in the rain, snow, glare, heavy traffic and the road surface, increase your following distance to 4 seconds.

ONGOING LEARNING, I might be a driving instructor but I am open to learning new things about driving. Road rules can change, it is a good idea to brush up on your knowledge occasionally