driving lessons in a manual carLast November a post appeared on one of the community Facebook groups I belong to. It was a warning that there was a police car on a  local road and telling all to watch their speed in that area. I made a comment that warning people was wrong and if they were speeding then they deserve to get caught.

This turned out to be a huge mistake. The amount of hate mail that was posted towards me was incredible. I was stunned by the attitude of so many people as to their right to drive any speed they wanted to. How they justified what speed was safe on that part of the road. One man was adamant that driving over the speed limit at that hour of the night (11pm) was fine as no other drivers were around.

I was asked if I was a perfect driver. That I shouldn’t be so precious I needed to get a life. Who am I to tell other people how to drive. One girl had a broken speedo so how would she know what speed she was doing but it was ok because she was saving up to get it fixed.

As much as I wanted to tell them that I am a driving instructor and a Defensive Driving course facilitator, and yes I do pride myself on keeping to the road rule at all times, I like to practise what I preach. I kept a dignified silence. It was actually more of a shocked silence.

It wasn’t until day two that I started to get some support for my comment, so thank you to all the sane people in my community, who care about other road users. Other families that would be devastated if a loved one was wiped out by a speeding car, or worse still crippled or scarred for the their rest of the lives. The ongoing costs both emotional and financial to the families as well as the taxpayers are huge.

I have noticed over the past few weeks how more and more posts are about bad drivers. Keep up the good work, name and shame, *555 them, let the sane people in this community fight back. Keep our family’s safe, don’t just say oh bother, get vocal, keep posting these selfish losers details, number plates, car colour, address etc. The worst thing you can do is do nothing.