There are a few female drivers around for one reason or another that have not gone on to their next level of licence or have stopped driving.

Nstart right carot to worry. Did you know there are just as many male drivers who also put off doing the next stages of their licence for the some of the same reasons?

You have 5 years to get each stage of your licence so it is better to break your practice into manageable bits. The main thing is to keep driving under-supervision every chance your get.

If you have a husband or male friend or female friend with a full licence ask if you can drive in quiet areas for short spaces of time even 30 minutes to the nearest shop. Do not let your husband or boyfriend drive all the time because it is his habit to do so.

If you struggle with having a professional male instructor also do not be afraid to swap to a professional female instructor. It might be that you are a female that is happier being taught by another female. There is nothing wrong with this. Male students often like to be taught by men.

Whatever the gender of your professional driving instructor it is important that you can understand their instructions and that you feel comfortable with them. If you are always worried when driving it make it hard to learn.

If you have responsibility for children and need to learn to drive, find an instructor close to you that can work around your child-care. Many of my students find it useful to book a set time each week and stick to it, a good time is when your child is at a kindy/childcare class or when your partner is able to have them for a while.

Children love seeing their mothers drive, having good habits and being a calm driver, sets a great example for even little children. Get out there and have a go!

Practice, practice, practice. Find out what you need to do and practice – Mel