Sylvia is an exceptional driving instructor, who’s persistence and patience helped me to develop from a complete beginner
to a competent driver.
As a student I found the finance scheme very convenient as I was able to spread the cost of professional lessons on an interest free plan.
I would recommend Sylvia to any other learner driver

Olivia O’Malley

The Driving School was really helpful when it came to me learning to drive.
Sylvia was so friendly and patient which was a big help especially when practicing hill starts.
The Driving School definitely helped me to pass my driving test.

Chris H. (Kumeu)

Yes you can,you can do it!
I’m 50+ and for many years I lose confidence and didn’t believe in myself.
Now I’ve gone from been ‘terrified’ to get into the driver’s seat to-you can’t get me out of it!
Yes, after the professional lessons, support and encouragement from Sylvia my dream have turned into reality.
My advice to you… Feel the fear and do it anyway’
Always grateful


Without Sylvia there was no way I would have gotten my license, or if it was up to my parents, no way I ever would have done a right hand turn! Sylvia is a great instructor and a very good investment for anyone considering learning how to drive.

Alena (Kumeu)

I was nervous about learning to drive at 40, but when my husband booked me some lessons with The Driving School I found that I could experience the independence that comes with a driver’s license. Sylvia was really patient and encouraging and because of her I passed first time.

Sandra (Helensville)

Sylvia is an amazing driving instructor who helped me to pass me restricted driving test first time round!
Shes highly knowledgable and professional. I would recommend her to anyone! thanks Sylvia!!

Charlotte Reid

Thanks to The driving school I am now able to drive confidently with a better understanding of the road rules.
Sylvia gave me the option of finance which made it more affordable and easier for me to pursue getting my license.
I would highly recommend The driving school to anyone as I couldn’t go ahead for my test without the lessons.

Shannon Docherty

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