2012-car-300x226 The Driving School was founded in 2005 by Sylvia Wilson when her two sons became old and independent enough for her to re-enter the work force after taking time out to raise her family. She noticed in her local Helensville area that there were no locally operating driving schools, forcing people to head out of town to learn how to drive, here the opportunity for the Driving School became apparent.

Over the next few years Sylvia worked hard to establish herself in the wider Helensville area and success soon followed. Almost every weekday at 3 o’clock The Driving School car (then known as StartRite the driving school) was outside the local college ready to take a student for a lesson.

Capitalising on her success Sylvia organised restricted driving tests to be held in Helensville once a month to help people sit their tests in the area they learnt to drive in. However in 2011 due to the introduction of a new standard for the restricted license and a restructuring at the Land transport authority meant that both the test and many of Sylvia’s customers left due to Helensville no longer being a suitable testing site. The Driving School looked close to collapse.

Acting quickly, Sylvia realised she had to rebase and rebrand her business closer to the testing centres, and by doing so, her old customers came back quickly after being dissatisfied with the tuition they received from the other instructors. With her business once again on the rise and now aware of her competition, Sylvia sought to expand the business again by franchising her business into a top quality driving school.

Useful Links

We’ve collected some useful links for those looking to get their driver’s license, or are interested in finding out more about learning to drive.

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